Projects I've worked on

These are some of the projects that I'm most proud of. I've built them to learn new technologies, or to solve a problem that I've encountered.

  • E-commerce Website with TypeScript, React, Redux and Firebase

    This is a project that I built while learning React and Redux. It is a fully functional e-commerce website that allows users to sign in with their Google account, add items to their cart, and make payments with Stripe. It is built with TypeScript, React, Redux, Firebase, Stripe, and Tailwind.

    E-commerce Website with TypeScript, React, Redux and Firebase

  • Is this a banana?

    Is this a banana? No. Maybe? I don't know. Use this app to find out. I wanted to learn more about machine learning and how to use TensorFlow.js. I explored the TensorFlow.js website and found a pre-trained image classification model called MobileNet. I used this model to classify images of bananas and other objects.

    Is this a banana?

  • Supa Snacks

    Supa Snacks is a mini-project to learn Supabase and introduce myself to React-Query. It's a simple app that allows you to add snacks to a list, edit and delete from. Users can also change the order of the snacks in the list. It is built using TypeScript, React, React-Query, Supabase and React Router Dom.

    Supa Snacks

  • PayByFonie

    PayByFonie is a play on the app PayByPhone, a parking app that allows you to pay for parking via your phone. PayByFonie is a similar app, but allows you to search a destination and view parking meter data near that location. Users can search a location using the MapBox API, view the price and time limit of parking meters near that location, and obtain the PayByPhone meter number to pay for that meter. The app was built using React, and Node.js.